Flowering Bulbs To Plant In Spring And Summer For Spring, Summer & Fall Blooms

It's easy to plan your bulb garden if you know when the bloom time is, the height of the flower and the color.  You can have a "continuous bloom" from early Spring until Autumn if you use the Bulb Table below and the table for bulbs that are planted in the Fall for spring and early summer blooms.  

The bulbs below are planted in the spring and summer for spring and summer blooms.

Spring & Summer Blooming Bulbs

Scientific Name
Common Name Image Color When To Plant Planting Depth Flowering Season Height
Magic Flower, Orchid Pansy, Widow's Tears, Nut-Orchid   Blue, Peach, Pink, Red, Orange, White, Purple, Yellow Spring Cover 1" Summer 12-18 "
Acidanthera bicolor
Abyssinian, Gladiolus, Sword Lily, VERY Fragrant   White with maroon center Spring 5" Summer 24-36 "
Lily of the Nile, African lily   Blue, Pink, White Spring Cover 1" Summer 12-60 "
Sentry-Boxes, Soldier-in-the- Box   Yellow or White with green or red stripes Fall & Spring 8" Summer 24-36 "
Peruvian lily, Lily-of-the-Inc as   Orange, Pink, Rose, Purple, Red, Yellow, White Spring 8" Late Spring & Early Summer 12-48 "
Amaryllis belladonna
Naked lady, Belladonna Lily   Pink, Rose, Red Early Summer Even with soil Summer 24-36 "
Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)
Dutch Amaryllis Orange, Red, Rose, Pink, White, Bicolored Fall & Spring 8" Late Spring & Early Summer 24-36"
Anemone coronaria St. Brigid de Caen
Windflower Blue, Pink, Red, White Fall & Spring Cover 3" Late Spring & Summer 12-15 "
Anthericum liliago
St. Bernard's Lily White Fall 6" Early Summer 24"
Aunt Eliza Rat's Rail Red Fall 6" Spring 24"
Baboon Flower, Blue Freesias   Blue Fall 5" Late Spring & Early Summer 8-18 "
Begonia (Tuberous Hybrids)
Belgian Begonias, Tuberous Begonias   Red, Yellow, White, Pink, Bicolors Spring Cover 2" Summer & Fall 12-18 "
Belamcanda chinensis
Blackberry Lily, Leopard Flower   Orange, Red, Spots Spring 5" Summer 30-36"
Coral Drops   Red, Purple Spring Cover 4" Summer 24"
Golden Stars   Yellow Fall & Spring Cover 3" Late Spring & Early Summer 12-18"
Brodiaea (Triteleia)
Starflower, Wild Hyacinth, Grass Nut Blue Fall 5" Early Summer 12-20"
Elephant's Ear, Angel Wings   Grown for leaf colors: Pink, White, Green Spring Cover 1" Summer 6-24 "
Butterfly Tulip, Mariposa Lily, Globe Tulip, Star Tulip   Pink, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple Fall 5" Early Summer 6-24"
Indian Shot, Arrowroot   Rose, Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, Salmon, Bicolored Spring Cover 4" Summer 24-84"
Giant Lily, Easter Lily   White Fall & Spring Cover 1" Summer 36-72"
Pennants   Orange, Yellow Fall & Spring 5" Summer 48-60"
Chlidanthus fragrans
Perfumed Fairy Lily, Delicate Lily   Yellow Spring Cover 1" Summer 10-12"
Kaffir Lily, Boslelie, Bush Lily    Orange, Yellow Late Spring & Early Summer Cover 1" Summer 18-24"
Colchicum autumnale
Autumn Crocus, Wonder Bulb, Mysteria   Pink, White Summer 5" Fall 4-12"
Elephant's Ear, Taro, Dasheen   Grown for green leaves Spring Cover 4" Summer 36-84"
x Crinodonna
A hybrid - Crinum x A. belladonna Pink Fall & Spring 8" Summer 30"
Cape Lily, Spider Lily, Swamp Lily   Pink, White, Bicolored Fall & Spring 8" Summer 24-48"
Crocosmia (Montbretia)
Coppertip, Falling Stars   Orange, Red, Yellow Spring 5" Late Summer 34-36"
Crocus (Autumn Species)
Fall Crocus Purple, White Summer 5" Fall 4-6"
Turmeric   Pink Spring Cover 4" Summer 18-24"
Pleated Leaves   Orange-Red Spring Cover 4" Summer 36-48"
Snowbread, Persian Violet, Alpine Violet    Pink, Purple, White Fall 5" Fall & Late Spring 6-14"
Fire Lily   Orange, Pink, Red, White Fall & Spring Cover 1" Summer & Fall 12-18"
Dahlias   Most colors Spring Cover 3" Summer & Fall 12-96"
Foxtail Lily, Desert Candle   Pink, Orange, Salmon, White, Yellow Fall 6" Summer 36-72"
Amazon Lily   White Spring Cover 1" Summer 24"
Pineapple Lily, King's Flower Green, Purple, White Spring 8" Summer 12-24"
Freesias     Blue, Pink, Red, White, Yellow Spring in the South, Fall in the North 5" Summer in the South, Spring in the North 12-18"
Cape Hyacinth, Summer Hyacinth, Spire Lily     White Spring 6" Summer 36-48"
Glads, Sword Lilies   Most Colors Spring 5" Spring & Summer 24-48"
Glory Flower, Climbing Lily, Flame Lily   Red Spring Cover 2" Summer Climbing vine
Rain Lily   Copper, Red, Pink, Rose Spring Cover 3" Summer 6-12"
Haemanthus (Scadoxus)
Blood Lily, Red-Cape-Lily, Catherine Wheel, Paint Brush   Red Spring Cover 1" Summer 12-16"
Day Lily   Most colors Spring or Fall Cover 1" Summer 12-36"
Hippeastrum (Amaryllis)
Dutch Amaryllis     Orange, Red, Rose, Pink, White, Bi-colored Fall & Spring 8" Late Spring & Early Summer 24-36"
Cape Tulip   Orange, Yellow Spring Cover 2" Summer 20"
Spider Lily, Ismene, Peruvian Daffodil     Cream, White, Yellow Spring 5" Summer 12-24"
Incarvillea delavayi
Hardy Gloxinia     Pink Spring Cover 3" Summer 24"
Rhizomatous Iris, Bearded Iris   Most colors Spring & Fall Even/Soil Summer 4-48"
African Corn-Lily Pink, Red, Purple, Yellow, White Fall in South; Spring in the North 5" Spring in South; Summer in the North 12-18"
Red Hot Poker, Torch Lily   Orange, Red, Yellow Spring Cover 4" Early summer 18-36"
Painted Petals, Pink Bermudiana   Pink, Red Fall Cover 2" Early summer 6-18"
Leucojum autumnale
Autumn Snowflake White tipped Green Spring 5" Fall 6-12"
Blazing Stars, Gay Feather, Snakeroot     Blue, White Spring & Fall 5" Summer 12-48"
Lilies   Most colors Fall or spring 8" Summer 12-72"
Lycoris aurea, L. radiata, L. squamigera
Spider Lily, Resurrection Lily, Magic Lily, Naked Lily   Yellow, Pink, Red, Rose Spring 8" Fall 12-38"
Mexican Star, Starlikes   White/Green Spring Cover 1" Summer 10-16"
Montbretia (Crocosmia)
Coppertip, Falling Star   Orange, Red, Yellow Spring 5" Late summer 24-36"
Peacock Flower   Blue, White, Yellow Early Spring 4" Summer 4-48"
Guernsey Lily   Pink, Red, White Fall Cover 2" Late summer 14-36"
    Pink, Rose, White Fall 6" Summer 12-36"
Ornithogalum (Tender species)
Star of Bethlehem White/Green Fall & Spring Cover 4" Summer 10-16"
Oxalis (Tender species)
Wood-Sorrel   Pink, White Fall & Spring Cover 2" Summer 14-12"
Tuberose, Polyanthus Lily   White Spring Cover 4" Summer 18-48"
Persian Buttercup Most colors Fall & Spring Cover 3" Spring to Summer 2-24"
Red Star   Red, Pink, White Spring Cover 1" Summer 4"
Sandersonia aurantiaca
Christmas Bells   Yellow Spring Cover 3" Summer 20-35"
Torch Lily, Paint Brush, Shaving Brush   Red Spring Cover 1" Summer 12-16"
Kaffir Lily, Crimson Flag   Pink, Red Spring 2" Fall 18-28"
Harlequin Flower, Wandflower   Salmon-Orange, White, Yellow, Red, Purple Fall & Spring 5" Spring, Summer 12-18"
Aztec Lily, Jacobean Lily   Red Spring Cover 2" Summer 12-16"
Sternbergia lutea
Winter Daffodil, Fall Daffodil   Yellow Summer 5" Fall 6-8"
Tiger or Mexican Shell Flowers   Pink, Red, White, Yellow Spring 4" Summer 18-24"
Triteleia (Brodiaea) laxa
Starflower, Wild Hyacinth, Grass Nut   Blue Fall 5" Early Summer 12-20"
Blazing Star   Red, Yellow Fall & Spring 4" Late Spring, Summer 24"
Tulbaghia violacea
Society Garlic, Sweet Garlic, Pink Agapanthus   Pink Fall & Spring Cover 2" Summer 12-16"
Scarborough Lily, George Lily   Pink, Red Spring Cover 2" Summer 14-24"
Cape Lily, Red Hot Poker   Pink Spring Cover 1" Summer 16-24"
Bugle Lily   Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow Fall Cover 3" Early summer 36-48"
Calla Lily   Pink, Red, Purple, White, Yellow Fall & Spring Cover 2" Late Spring, Early summer 12-24"
Zephyr Lily, Fairy Lily, Rain Lily   Pink, White Fall & Spring Cover 1" Late summer 6-12"