Garden Time Online Perennial Garden Plants That Grow In Shade/Part Shade Planted In The Spring

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The plants below will thrive in shade or part shade.  There are several varieties of each plant, we have posted our favorites of each here.  Add magnificent colors to that shady spot in your garden, it's easy!  Our 2015 shade garden plants are no less than phenomenal.  Your shade garden can be the highlight of your home landscape.  I love my shade garden, it is the favorite spot of my visitors also, they are amazed at the vibrant colors, different textures and green hues of the foliage and oooh and ahhh as they excitedly look around.  It's just gorgeous, it really is!  A shade area is not a problem for a gardener, it's deciding which colors to put in that shade spot that is the problem! You can rely on cyclamen, astilbe and hosta, begonias, impatiens, hellebores or ferns, caladiums or columbines and every other shade perennial we offer.  The living plants for shade below will give you a good idea of what to grow in your shade garden, most are deer resistant too!

I have my shade garden in different sized terra cotta pots (4"-16")that are arranged on top of an old brick 6' x 6' area that is next to some bleeding hearts and iris (the bleeding hearts both pink and white look great behind the purple iris).  Good luck, have fun!

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Position these supports over your plants in early spring and let stems grow up through the grid top. Recommended for long-stemmed flowers like peonies, foxgloves, echinacea, veronicas, and carnations.
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Flower Support GridsFlower Support Grids
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