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Decorative Pots, Planters, Urns, Plant Stands & Pot Feet

Standard and unique pots and urns in dozens of shapes and sizes made of terracotta, stone, ceramic or resin. And don't forget pot stands to allow drainage or to raise your pot your deck a little bit to prevent a stain!

Decorative Planters, Pots and Urns

Decorative or conventional, traditional or whimsical, wood, ceramic, terracotta, wicker, metal and stone planters, window boxes, raised garden boxes, railing planters, umbrella planters, tiered planters and some planters that even fit into their own category!  Whew!


Planters and Windowboxes
Never worry about watering your flowers or container plants, self watering pots and planters deliver consistent moisture automatically, even if you're away for a few days! Plants and flowers LOVE them!


Self Watering
Pots & Planters
Hanging planters are ideal for just about everything! Hang them on the patio, on decks, in a garden, along a pathway or in your home.  They add a bit of color above the rest!


Hanging Planters
If you're like me, you have too many pots and not enough space!  Plant stands can organize pots or can accent a wall or corner or both!  There's a perfect plant stand for that space, indoors or outdoors, trust me!  If your pots are too heavy to move,  use a plant trolley or curved pot truck to roll them easily with no lifting!!   Plant Stands
Plant Trolleys