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Perennials To Plant In The Spring For Summer Blooms

The 2018 Summer Blooming Perennial Collection

All Perennials Are Guaranteed To Grow!

The Garden Time Online Flower Bulb Guideline

Summer flowering bulbs are planted in the Spring in order to develop root systems by springtime and to allow them to winter in the ground. Among the most popular are Lilies, Gladiolus, Canna, Dahlias and Begonias. Summer flowering bulbs bloom from late May (in warmer climates) until late Summer, followed by the Autumn blooming bulbs that peak from September until frost. 

Bulb gardening enables a gardener to have continuous bloom year after year from Spring until autumn. It first begins with selecting the right place to plant your bulbs. There are bulbs for all types of conditions from full shade to full sun, from dry soil to moist. Larger bulbs produce more flowers.

Good drainage is essential for bulb any bulb garden. Clay soil may have peat moss, compost or aged bark added or any other organic matter. Conversely, if the soil is mostly sandy, the same types of organic matter may be added. The pH of the bulb garden soil should be in the 6 - 7 range and you made add lime or anything else necessary to raise or decrease the pH level.

Bulbs should be planted at depths from 5 inches to 8 inches, smaller bulbs are planted at the 6 inch level, the larger ones are planted deeper. Large bulbs should be spaced at least 6 inches apart, smaller ones 3 - 4 inches apart. Bone meal should be added to the bulb garden soil at the time of planting. Fertilizer should be added in the autumn and again in the spring. Watering should be done to keep the bulb garden moist and it should not be allowed to dry out. A nice bed of organic mulch should be added in the fall at least 3 - 4 inches deep to protect them during the cold winter months. 

In the spring after the blooms and foliage have withered and dropped off, you may plant colorful summer flowering annuals with no problem. Just remember to remove the dead growth at the end of the season.

All our bulbs are guaranteed to grow!  Our flower bulbs will not ship until it's the perfect time for YOU to plant them where you live!  New selections for this year and exclusive bulbs that only we supply will allow you to create a garden that will remain beautiful and unique for years to come!  Below are the bulbs for Spring planting!

Burpee Gardening


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Our Bulbs Are Guaranteed To Grow!  Burpee will provide either a replacement order OR a refund on damaged or unsatisfactory products.

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Deer Resistant Bulbs

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Calla, Red Alert

Sun: Full Sun

Height: 3 feet

Spread: 6-8 inches

Ornamental Use: Beds, Cut Flowers



Dahlia Dinnerplate, American Dream

Sun: Full Sun

Height: 36-40 inches

Spread: 18-24 inches

Ornamental Use: Beds, Borders, Cut Flowers


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Everyday Deal! Buy 3 Perennial Plants and Save 20%

Everyday Deal! Mix and Match - 3 Plants for only $19.98

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