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Halloween Costumes
For Dogs

Dress up your dog in a pet Halloween costume!  We have Batman & Superman, a skeleton, a pirate, the devil, Yoda and dozens of other pet costumes for you to choose from.  Bring the dog with you or let him greet the trick or treaters!

Pet Costumes


Dog Costume: Animal Planet Elephant Dog Costume
Elephant Dog Costume

Dog Costume: Animal Planet Zebra Dog Costume
Zebra Dog Costume

Dog Costume: Animal Planet Tortoise Dog Costume
Tortoise Dog Costume

Pet Costume: Biker Dog
Biker Dog

Pet Costume: Cat In The Hat
Cat In The Hat

Pet Costume: Superman


Dog Costume: Animal Planet Triceratops Headpiece
Triceratops Headpiece

Dog Costume: Animal Planet Stegosaurus Dog
Stegosaurus Dog

Pet Costume: Dapper Dog
Dapper Dog

Pet Costume: King

Pet Costume: Fire Fighter
Fire Fighter

Pet Costume: K9 Fire Rescue
K9 Fire Rescue


Pet Costume: Yoda Dog
Yoda Dog

Pet Costume: Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Pet Costume: Hot Dog
Hot Dog



Pet Costume: Spiderman Dog
Spiderman Dog