Ground Covers: Selecting, Planting & Growing

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Sometimes you can't plant grass or cover a bare area where nothing seems to grow that is green or has color.  You may have a steep slope where grass seed runs off and never gets to root or you may want to cover some nasty tree roots.  The shade of a large tree, shrub or structure blocks sufficient light or dry or wet areas, can all have color and look great if you plant a ground cover.  There is no reason for any landscape to have a barren area unless you want it that way.

Ground covers carpet the landscape with low plants that are not meant to be walked on.  Ground covers are ornamental, they are a colorful alternative to grass or a solution for a problem area.  They also prevent soil erosion.

Shallow rooted ground covers are best planted under trees.  The best time to plant ground covers is in the Spring or Fall.

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Selecting And Planting Ground Covers

Directory of Groundcover Plants

Groundcovers To Know and Use

Groundcover Tips

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Variegated Hosta- Buy One, Get One Free!
Variegated Hosta- Buy One, Get One Free!
Variegated Liriope
Variegated Liriope
Festuca Glauca
Festuca Glauca
Lily Of The Valley
Lily Of The Valley
Chameleon Plant
Chameleon Plant
Blue Rug Juniper
Blue Rug Juniper
Vinca Minor
Vinca Minor
Alternanthera Red ThreadsAlternanthera Red Threads
Alternanthera Red ThreadsAlternanthera Red Threads
A wonderful edging for silver-leaved, or pink-flowered plants in the garden.

Bellflower Samantha GroundcoverBellflower Samantha Groundcover
Bellflower SamanthaBellflower Samantha Groundcover
Campanula Samantha
Just 3 inches high, this groundcover spreads up to 15 inches wide! One of the best groundcovers for the sunny to partly shaded garden, Samantha offers superb fragrance, rich color, and week-choking habit that eliminates the need for mulch.

Groundcover CollectionGroundcover Collection
Cover More Ground CollectionGroundcover Collection
Contains 24 plants: 6 each of Lantana New Gold, Petunia Blanket Purple, and Joseph's Coats Party Time and Grenadine.
Groundcover Bugleweed Black ScallopBugleweed Black Scallop
Bugleweed Black ScallopAjuga reptans Black Scallop PP#15,815
Black Scallop is a stunning groundcover for the garden floor or container. Its foliage is oversized, its habit very low and mat-forming, and its maintenance low.
Groundcover Buckwheat Kannah CreekGroundcover Buckwheat Kannah Creek
Buckwheat Kannah Creek Groundcover Buckwheat Kannah Creek
Eriogonum umbellatum var. aureum Kannah Creek
Cultivar name:'Psdowns.' This native ground cover is just about the most colorful way to carpet the garden floor year-round in the sunny to lightly-shaded border. It offers a low, dense mat of deep green that turns bright red and purple for fall and winter, while setting masses of blooms that change from yellow to orange during their long season.
Groundcover Creeping Phlox Fort HillGroundcover Creeping Phlox Fort Hill
Creeping Phlox Fort HillGroundcover Creeping Phlox Fort Hill
The beloved Moss (or Mountain) Pink is everybody's favorite groundcover for the rock garden, but this hardy Creeping Phlox is so useful that it belongs in your sunny borders and beds too!
Iceplant Red MountainIceplant Red Mountain
Iceplant Red MountainIceplant Red Mountain
Delosperma dyeri Red Mountain
The blooms on this very low-growing, spreading ground cover are fully 2 inches wide, with a many-petaled daisy shape and large creamy center. They open bright scarlet, then mature through all shades of crimson and maroon to a purple-flushed dark red. Butterflies adore them!
Groundcover Lamium Orchid FrostLamium Orchid Frost
Lamium Orchid Frost PP#11,122Lamium Orchid Frost
Lamium maculatum Orchid Frost
This beautiful variety is vigorous without being invasive, ultra-colorful, and quite free of pests and diseases! If you're looking for a groundcover with a little extra eye appeal, Orchid Frost is the one you want!
Groundcover Nierembergia Summer Splash CollectionGroundcover Nierembergia Summer Splash Collection
Nierembergia Summer Splash CollectionGroundcover Nierembergia Summer Splash Collection
From mid-spring through summer and even into autumn, this upright, well-branched little plant churns out upturned, cup-shaped blooms by the hundred! Larger than other Nierembergia flowers and longer-lasting, they continue right up 'til hard frost, blanketing any sunny spot in garden or container with nonstop, easy color!
Petunia Blanket PurplePetunia Blanket Purple
Petunia Blanket PurplePetunia Blanket Purple
Every garden has them -- those bare, sun-soaked dry areas that never look their best and resist your efforts to plant them. Well, Petunia Blanket Purple was developed just for this problem.
Groundcover Rosemary IreneGroundcover Rosemary Irene
Rosemary Irene PP#9,124Groundcover Rosemary Irene
Imagine a stand of Irene tumbling over a low wall or spreading across the dry, sun-soaked ground in your garden! This tough little garden gem is one of the most ornamental plants around, yet there is no beating its usefulness when sheer coverage (and plenty of color!) is needed.
Groundcover Mecardonia Prima™ Lemon YellowGroundcover Mecardonia Prima™ Lemon Yellow
Mecardonia Prima™ Lemon Yellow PPAFGroundcover Mecardonia Prima™ Lemon Yellow
This plant reaches just 14 to 16 inches high when in bloom, but spreads to 30 inches in garden or container. A lovely ground cover for the sunny annual bed, it scrambles across poor, dry soil effortlessly, tossing up bright 1-inch blooms every step of the way.

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