Frequently Asked Questions

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Every day we get letters from people asking the same or similar questions!  Although we love hearing from you, we hope to save you some valuable gardening time by posting frequently asked questions below! 


Q. Can you send me a catalog in the mail to my home address?

A. No, Garden Time Online is an ONLINE reference and catalog only.


Q. Do your wood berry boxes have handles?

A. No, we recommend that you use a wide, wired ribbon for a handle and easily staple it to the box sides.  You can use ribbon to match your special occasion too!

Q. Can you send me free plants and seeds?

A. As much as we would like to help you, we do not stock any products, all products are supplied directly from our merchant partners.


Q. I can't find the item I am looking for, do you have one in stock or can you tell me where to find one?

A. Garden Time Online distributes over 1,000,000 products and it is impossible to showcase them all on this site.  Usually when you are redirected to the product page and it's not what you're looking for, the product is no longer n stock and not available anymore.


Q. Can you identify a plant I got as a gift so that I might care for it properly?

A. Sorry, we do not identify plants!  For the best plant identification, go to your local nursery OR contact your local agricultural extension service in the "U.S.A. Gardening Information By State" category.  You can also try the Plant Identification category in the right side menu!  We do not open any file attachments sent to us!

Q. Reciprocal links or Link Exchange?

A. In all fairness to our paying advertisers, we do not accept any sites selling products free of charge.  However, if you offer a link exchange for a garden information site, feel free to submit it to Garden Time Online for review to Suggest-A-Site! We do NOT link to any general gardening link pages or directories, nor do we condone our link on the same.  We do require a reciprocal link that is not located in a directory or on a Links site if we post your link on our site.