Children's Gardening, Tools & Wagons

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Children's gardening is fun for everyone!  Did you ever plant an apple seed or peach pit as a kid and wait for it to sprout and grow?  Did anybody tell you a watermelon would grow in your tummy if you swallowed a seed?

Today children can really garden like us big kids.  There are children's gardening tools that are just right for their size, wagons and wheelbarrows to haul dirt and plants and children's gardening gloves that all kids love to wear because it makes them feel all grown up!

Outdoors is an excellent learning place.  Plant seeds, water them, wait for them to grow, pick the flowers of vegetables, it's all a great time for children in the garden.  After a hard days work your kids can relax at their table of in their favorite outdoor Adirondack chair, fly a kite, paint a flower pot, make stepping stones or swing under a tree.  Children can have a blast in a sandbox playing pretend with their toys or building sand castles or making sand pies or just playing with childrens garden tools!

Children love the outdoors, and they will love to help you garden and before long they will want to begin a garden of their own. - Tomato HP Logo Collections Etc. Logo Banner - 125x125 Childrens Garden Tools


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America's Diabetes Super Store Gardening with your children is one of life's most enjoyable pleasures.  Kids love dirt, no problem there and they love to have things of their very own, especially ones that are alive and grow.  Gardening rewards  them with countless lessons they will use throughout their lives and they will enjoy every second while learning.  The children's gardening kits, sets, toys, tables and books we offer are absolutely the best we could find.  It makes me wish I was a kid again, I would want everything, especially the live bug kits and tools and, well, I want it all, I still may get a few things for me now anyway! 

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