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All cactus and succulent plants have the same four basic needs as other plants...water, light, water and food.  They thrive in well drained soil, any container they are planted in should have extra drainage holes.  The soil should be made or 1 part potting MIX (not potting soil), 1 part clean sand and 1 part of small gravel or pumice.

Cactus and succulent plants need a bright, sunny spot.  Yellow or brown spots indicate too much light, just move into a spot that gets less light, simple!  If it turns light green it needs more light and you just move the cactus plant to that spot.

Water your cactus and succulent plant when the bottom of the pot is dry.  The rule of thumb is to water weekly except during the winter, during the winter water the plant once a month.  Do not let water sit in the saucer!

Cactus and succulent plants need food, but not a lot.  Fertilize (feed) your plant from late spring and through the summer with some liquid cactus fertilizer or some 5-10-5 house plant food, dilute it in half though. You don't have to feed it during the fall, winter and early spring when your cactus plant is dormant.

Cacti and succulents have the ability to store moisture for use when times are tough.  The main difference between a cactus and succulent is that succulents don't have that little patch like cacti do where their roots, flowers and spines grow from.

Growing cactus and succulents is a rewarding and inexpensive hobby, most plants are less than $10 and there are dozens of cacti and succulents available for you to purchase easily.  There are  fertilizers and food too.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro,  Garden Time Online provides you with the plants and the correct instructions for your plants to thrive.  We showcase the common varieties of cactus and succulents, and there are a few rarer varieties that will be available as long as supplies last!

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