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You can have beautiful blooms from Spring right through Fall by using flower bulbs.  Spring flowers fade and die but Summer blooms begin,  As your Summer bulb barden fades the bulbs you planted in the Spring grow and give you a fabulous finale for the end of the gardening season.  Many flowering bulbs are great for cutting and there are endless possibilities to create displays and centerpieces in your home or you can cut bunches of colorful blooms and give them as gifts.  Bulbs multiply every year and must be divided.   Before you know it you will have a lush space full of colors and textures for free!  Bulbs may also be forced to bloom indoors and that's a sure way to give yourself the gift of a very early Spring as you look out the window at a snow covered ground as you stand next to your blooming bulbs in your living room.  Force some paperwhite bulbs in February, they have a delightful scent too!


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Flower Bulbs To Plant This Spring And Pre-Planned Perennial Gardens Are In The Bulb Shop Or Perennial Nursery

Summer And Fall Flowering Bulbs Planted In The Spring & Summer
With this chart you can have a continuous bloom from spring until autumn!

Bulb Planting Guide
Bloom time, Zone and Planting Schedule For Bulbs & Perennials

Spring Flowering Bulbs, Planted In The Fall
Plant Them In The Fall, A Complete Illustrated List With Bulb Bloom Times, Bloom Duration, Height & Light Required, An Excellent Site To Plan Your Perennial Bulb Garden With A Continuous Bloom!

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How to store tender bulbs over the winter icon

Spring Bulbs- Layering in a container icon

How to Force Indoor Spring Bulbs icon

How to divide spring bulbs- Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus & more icon

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Traffic Stopping Tulips icon

Spring Bulb Flower Mixes icon

Spring Flower Bulb Care

Transplanting Iris

Flower Bulb Information

Care of the Easter Lily after Flowering

Perennial Bulbs

Bulbs - Planting and Care

Storing Flower Bulbs

Planning and Establishing the Spring Bulb Garden

Home Forcing of Daffodils (Narcissus)

Bulbs and More

Agapanthus Hybrids

Dutch Bulb Industry Origins

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