Annuals: Selecting, Planting & Growing

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Annuals are plants that only last for one season and they do not return the following year as perennials do, although they do drop their own seeds and new plants may be seen the following year.  Annuals grow from seed.  Flowering annuals are used to hide the decaying foliage of perennials, to highlight areas, to create borders and cutting gardens and share the identical purposes of perennials but gardeners have the benefit of changing the colors and textures of annuals very easily every year by using the hundreds of different annuals available, either as young plants or are started as seeds indoors or directly sowed into the soil.  As a rule, annuals are less expensive than perennials.

Some annual flowers are edible, such as nasturtiums.  There are annuals for sun, shade, dry areas, moist areas and there is an endless list of heights and colors always available when it's time to plant your seeds or garden.  Seed tapes are strips of biodegradable paper with imbedded seeds and all you have to do is lay the mat on the ground and water it and a gorgeous annual flower garden will be growing in a short time!


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